Monday, November 3, 2008

Soothing Colors & Special Touches

When our guests arrive after a day of wine tasting in the Yamhill Valley or from a long airline flight, they are greeted by soothing colors and restful ambiance which has been thoughtfully and lovingly created by my business partner, Kristen Hardy. She often says that she didn't know she had the gift of decorating until we began the process of remodeling and furnishing the Inn. Each of the special touches that our guests love so much was put into place by Kristen, and she loves to find just the perfect work of art, cozy afghan or book to delight your senses. One of our recent guests had this to share, "You are quite prepared for everything. Last evening we played Scrabble and I thought we would not keep score...but when I opened the game, there was a pad of paper and two freshly sharpened pencils! Now that is thinking of everything." Thanks, Kristen, for all you do behind the scenes to make The DreamGiver's Inn a place of welcoming delight! Linda