Friday, January 9, 2009

After the Storms

It's a glorious day! The beautiful morning sky, brillantly lit with hues of pink and blue is astonishing to see after days of wind and rain. As I look toward the East, I see Mt. Hood filling the horizon in all her majesty. Funny how I forget the mountain is there when it's shrouded in clouds and fog and then I'm amazed when it appears, shining brightly as though it had not been there before. And now as I gaze toward the South, the trees are emerging from the early fog and the sun dances across the frosty blades of grass. My face can't seem to stop smiling at the wonder of it all... I recently heard a song written by Andy Hunter that describes it perfectly and have printed the words below... Amazing... Linda

You take me high above the world I see
Way beyond the cloud
Beautiful colours surround me
You show me dreams I never dreamt before
Unspeakable feelings evermore

Fly with me
Across the heavens
Feel the breeze
Above the skies
Come with me
Across the heavens
Spirit breathe

Every time I look into your eyes
Revelation eyes
Heavenly visions, paradise
I feel a love I've never felt before
You're so amazing...