Monday, March 30, 2009

Wine Shipping Made Easy!

We are pleased to announce a new service for our guests! Wine Country Shippers,, is a free courier service located in Newberg that will pick up your wine purchases at the Inn, pack, and ship to your home. They will provide totes which store flat and pop open easily for your use while visiting the wineries. When you return to the Inn, we will call and schedule a pick-up! Couldn't be more simple. We continually look for ways to help make your stay as relaxing as possible and we think this service will be very beneficial to those needing to ship their wine. Linda

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Wood Chopper Help!

For the last several years we rent a wood splitter to split wood, and then recruit Linda's grandson, Travis, to run the splitter so we have nice size logs to burn. Here he sits nestled between the splitter and all the fruits of his labor behind him! It's spring break for him this week, and we wish we could have provided sunny weather, but Travis is a hard worker and huge helper in spite of the rain. We are fortunate to have him do this for us (we pay him, too!) as we burn countless logs throughout the fall, winter and even spring time for our guests. Thanks Travis, we appreciate you! Kristen

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rainbow's End

What a beautiful sight! As Kristen was coming to the Inn last week and turned into the driveway, she was greeted by the most vivid rainbow either of us has ever seen!! She jumped from her car and was able to get this picture using her phone's camera. I was busy inside and didn't know what I was missing. I'm so thankful for high tech just never know when you're going to need to snap a picture of something so fantastic! Linda

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Morning Glory!

This shot just about says it all--just spectacular! Linda often awakes to this magnificent sight of Mt. Hood many mornings. She grabs her camera, snaps away, then forwards the photos to me. I have this image now on my desktop computer. Many out-of-towners might be surprised to know we get many clear days to view Portland's fabulous Mt. Hood. And when she shows up in such an amazing way, we like to show her off to our guests--and they get front row seats! Kristen

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The DreamGiver's Inn and Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild

Linda and I decided to join the OBBG as we believe their professionalism, meetings and website offered to their members would be a wonderful association for us to be a part of. We had an on-site and thorough inspection where we had to meet certain criteria to become a part of this group. This is what they just wrote about us this week! "'The inspection of DreamGiver's Inn in Newberg went very well yesterday. The place is gorgeous--10+ acres outside of town, and the whole house done with great attention to detail.' writes Rickie Hart, OBBG Administrative Assistant." Thanks Rickie! We enjoyed meeting you, and look forward to a great partnership with the Guild! Kristen