Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lazy Days of August

Can you believe it! The end of August (and summer!) is fast approaching and we're gearing up for the Fall Harvest. September is only a week away and the area vineyards will begin harvesting their grapes in the next few weeks. The trees and grapevines will soon begin to change colors and we will enjoy the show from our front porch rocking chairs.

I often tell my guests that I have a "circuit" where I rotate from one end of the porch sitting in each rocker to the opposite end, then to the lawn where I spend a few minutes soaking in the sun and the view from our adirondack chairs overlooking the neighbor's vineyard. I then continue the circuit to the back lawn where I contemplate the view of Mt. Hood in the distance. I move again...this time to the chairs located at various spots on our 9 acre field and finally to the back deck where I end my circuit with a quick rest on the outdoor sofa. What a life!! Linda