Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Ready for 2010!

Every year Kristen and I go away for a couple of days to review the past year and dream about the year ahead.  We have just returned full of energy and new ideas for 2010.  We had a time of "checking in" with each other regarding where we are personally with the business and found that we both continue to love what we are doing!  We are a great team and compliment each other in our roles. 

Kristen does an amazing job of marketing the Inn by keeping our website up to date and relevant as well as continually updating the look of the Inn itself.  Many of our guests have commented on the special touches throughout... all of which come from Kristen!  She has the gift of pampering our guests through decor, color and amenities.  She and her husband Dan are also our wine experts, always ready with recommendations for visits to the many tasting rooms and wineries in our area.  My role as innkeeper is perfect for me as I have the gift of pampering our guests through food, conversation and helping to facilitate activities while at the Inn.

We're looking forward with excitement and anticipation to the year ahead!  Linda