Thursday, February 11, 2010

ABC's "The Bachelor" in Newberg, Oregon!

I, Kristen, admit to watching "The Bachelor" every Monday night.  And this season features a young woman by the name of "Tenley" who is from Newberg, Oregon.  Newberg is where the Inn is located!  Well, this last episode Tenley was one of four women "the bachelor" chose to visit in her home town.  So while in Newberg they featured local vineyards, a downtown dance studio where she learned ballet as a young girl, and then they had a great shot of the Newberg town sign.  I pass it all the time! Millions of fans watch the show, and our web stats indicated we had a huge spike of visitors to our website after it aired.

Yeah!! Newberg, Oregon was featured on a national television show!  Go Tenley!   Kristen