Monday, January 24, 2011

Vote for our Wine Blog!

Linda and I started a winery review blog over a year ago called Willamette Valley Winery Review.  We feature Willamette Valley wineries and their wines.  We talk alot about the wineries themselves, including some comments about their staff if we have them (if we are treated great or poor, we want our guests to know!). We have almost 20 wineries reviewed so far, and trying to make more stops again this year.     

We just posted our blog on a cool website we found called Local Wine Events--for the Willamette Valley.  This site allows local wineries to post events that are taking place at their wineries.  We were approved to post our blog just this week, and now  many more foks will see and read.  Please vote for our blog (not a contest but does move us up their blog ladder).  We are #811 right now, and would love your vote! Click the following link and it will take you to the page we are on the left upper hand side.   Local Wine Events - Willamette Valley Oregon.  Thank you!