Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank You Cana's Feast Winery!

Wow! Cana's Feast Winery & Cucina once again hosted the local Bed & Breakfasts last Tuesday night to fine wine AND an amazing dinner prepared by Executive Chef Lisa Lanxon.  "WOW" truly is an understatement--the food paired with their wines were "to die for."  We started with amazing appetizers paired with a 2010 Rosato (and for $14 a bottle it is such a great price and guaranteed favorite, and I had a couple of glasses :)  Then, we moved onto bottles of Conoise and a Pinot Noir with dinner--both superb, too.  Amy Cummins, Cana's Feast Events/Tasting Room Manager and Dan Duryee, the Assistant Winemaker, also made the evening special for all of us with good conversation and appreciation to the B&B's, who love to send guests their way all year long. The wines and the food at this winery are well worth the visit, and you won't be disappointed.  Once again, thank you Cana's Feast...we felt appreciated and pampered!  Kristen