Friday, March 30, 2012

"New" One Acre of Grass

We'll post pictures early summer of our new one acre of grass soon to be planted.  As you enter the Inn's driveway, there's one acre that greets you that is pretty plain and boring.  We learned of a grass seed a few years back (which is now behind the Inn) that stays green most of the year where you don't have to water it!  So, looking foward to having lots of green, lush grass around the Inn to beautify it even more.  Guess this rain will help it grow rich and green as well but we need sun, too! : )  Kristen

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Can't wait for the tulips to start blooming at the Inn, and the Wooden Shoe Festival in Woodburn which also begins soon--March 30th and runs through April 30th.  Such a beautiful sight to see with rows and rows of gorgeous tulips.  But the tulips at the Inn, which are many, are beautiful and breathtaking on their own as well.  Right now the daffodils are blooming on our grounds, and we love this as the first signs of spring!  Kristen & Linda