Saturday, March 22, 2014

County Living at its Finest

The Inn is situated on ten acres of beautiful grounds.  The one acre around the Inn is groomed every week by our trusted and gifted groundskeeper.  There is an array of colors close to the Inn as our landscaper designed it to showcase a variety of color spots/blooms throughout the year.  Yet our other nine acres is country living at its finest. It may be a bit more rustic, but beautiful in its own right, too.  We think we have the best of both worlds!  The clearest views of Mount Hood can be seen on the walking paths out in our fields.  So bring some good walking shoes to take it ALL in when you are staying with us.  Kristen & Linda

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is Here (Well Almost!)

What a great day we had today, and this photo was taken this afternoon by Linda.  We are going to have more days like this this week!  We Oregonians get so excited. The daffodils are in bloom, the tulips are on their way, and Mount Hood is still snow covered this time of year.  Our guests get to enjoy these views, with many spaces to relax and even walk on our 10 acres of grounds.  Kristen & Linda